With generous support from the NSF, TCCA and SICSA, HPCA-30 will offer travel grants for students to defray a portion of their travel cost.
While we encourage all in need of a travel grant to apply, selection of the grants will be based on need and the degree of participation. Committee members and presenters of papers or posters will have priority. Since the total grant is a fixed amount, the amount that can be awarded to each student will depend on the number of awardees and will cover only a portion of your expenses. Reimbursable expenses include conference registration, airfare, ground transportation, and lodging only.

At a glance

  • Application Deadline: January 24, 2024

Questions? Email the Student Travel Awards Chair.

To apply for travel grant:

Generously funded by the NSF and TCCA

  • Applicants must fill out the Travel Grant Application Form before the deadline, January 24, 2024.
  • An estimate of conference-related expenses, including information about other sources of funding available for the conference travel is required. Additional funds may be requested to help offset the costs for a companion care-provider. Specifically, students with physical disabilities necessitating a companion or students who are parents of an infant less than two years old who cannot travel without the infant and a care provider for the infant may request additional funds in their applications.
  • A written confirmation from the student's advisor is required. This can be an informal email or letter and must be uploaded into the form. Details of the contents of the advisor confirmation can be found in the travel grant application form.
  • After the conclusion of the symposia, each awarded student must complete and return appropriate travel reimbursement forms with original receipts. This form will be provided to you later.
  • For NSF travel grant recipients (US citizens and students at US universities): You must also provide a one-page report on your impressions of the symposium that you attended. A summary of your impressions will be provided to NSF.

Apply for student travel grant

SICSA Student Support

  • The Scottish Informatics & Computer Science Alliance provides support for PhD students at Scottish Universities, enabling selected applicants to attend the conference for free.
  • The SICSA grant covers conference registration only. If additional support for travel or lodging is required, we encourage students to apply for the student travel grant.

Apply for SICSA student support