Essential Information

  • Deadline for submission and copyright signing: December 22, 2023 at 11:59 PM PDT
  • Page limit: 15 pages, not including references (but including all figures and tables)
  • Artifact evaluation appendix: Papers that receive the Artifact Evaluation badge(s) must have an appendix with details on the artifact. The page limit for this appendix is 2 pages.

Camera-Ready Paper Format: Same as submission (download ZIP)

Link sent out via email through HotCRP.

Submit Camera-Ready

The camera-ready paper submission site is open. The link has been sent out via email through HotCRP.

IEEE is the publisher for HPCA 2024. The camera-ready template is the same as the one used for submission. Please ensure that the formatting of your paper adheres to the submission guidelines and uses the correct template.

Please avoid the mistake of using Type 3 fonts in the paper. Using Type 3 leads to rasterizing of entire pages during the post-processing at the publisher. Make sure that your graphics (figures, graphs) do not include Type 3 fonts. (Matplotlib is one major culprit, as the default configuration generates Type 3 fonts.) One way to check for Type 3 fonts is to use the "pdffonts" tool.

Please use your HotCRP submission number for the “Paper ID” field.

The system may generate a warning about page limits. If your paper adheres to the limits, you can disregard the warning.

Publication Chairs

Affiliation Email
Chang Hyun Park Uppsala University
Divya Mahajan Georgia Tech